The cheapest washing machines are not the most efficient

The best-performing machines are the cheapest, but cheap ones are not necessarily the best, says a new study. Read more The researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) analysed more than 4,000 machines from the UK and US to determine which machines were the cheapest to use.

The machines were then split into four categories: the cheapest and cheapest, the cheapest with a 10-hour warranty, the most expensive with a 25-hour, and the cheapest that still had a warranty.

For each, the researchers used the machine’s manufacturer’s warranty as a benchmark.

For a typical washing machine, they found that the cheapest was the cheapest without any warranties, the least expensive with no warranties, and slightly cheaper than the best with a warranty of 12 months or more.

“We found that it is possible to get very good results using these cheap machines and it is therefore useful to know what kind of warranty they offer,” the researchers wrote in the study.

“In particular, we were interested in what kind the manufacturers offer to the consumer, particularly to those who have a reasonable warranty and can afford the price of their machines.

We also looked at whether warranties are reasonable or not.

In addition, we tested a range of other brands, including some from rival manufacturers.”

The team then looked at how many warranty cycles the machines would have, and what kind would be required to get an acceptable warranty.

“The main takeaway is that for most machines with a reasonable amount of warranty, a 10–hour warranty is acceptable,” the authors wrote.

“However, if the machine has a 30-hour or 30-year warranty, it is not recommended that you use the machine for longer than 6 months.”

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