The new Massage Machine, a $200 piece of equipment, will help you feel better

A $200 massage machine could soon be making its way to your house in the form of an espresso machine.

A new machine made by Breville is on its way in the shape of an oversized espresso maker that could transform your kitchen or bathroom into a cozy space where you can massage yourself for up to five minutes a day.

The $300 Breville Massage is a hybrid espresso machine with two parts.

One part is a large, 12-cup reservoir that you fill with hot water.

The other part, called a massage bar, is a small tube that you place into your hand, holding it between your fingers.

The two parts are attached to a large stainless steel base, which can be slid into place by a couple of small screws.

The Breville model is available now and will be available to order in September.

You can order one of the Brevilles here for $350.

The Massage Machines will be part of a larger Breville initiative that includes new espresso machines that are made of stainless steel.

The company announced earlier this year that it had completed a prototype of the new espresso machine and was testing it with customers.

It will be the first of the brand’s new products, called Breville Pro, which are meant to provide a better, faster, and more comfortable way to prepare your body for massages.

They will be sold to massage centers worldwide.

Breville Massages first espresso machine was made in 2016 and is now available for $199.99.

It comes with two attachments: a large reservoir that is filled with hot, water and two large massage bars that can be inserted into your hands.

The Breville also comes with a new, more durable, stainless steel massage bar that has a magnetic attachment and can be used for two hours of massage per day.

Both of the attachments come with an automatic wash function that automatically removes soap and water residue and cleans the machine.

Brevival also announced that it is partnering with the world’s leading massage therapist, Lili Rocha, to develop a massage machine with a range of massage techniques and a built-in digital thermometer.

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