When Trump is president, we won’t have to worry about guns again

When President Donald Trump is sworn in on Friday, he will have only one major policy achievement to work with.

Trump will take aim at guns, pledging to abolish the “gun show loophole,” which has allowed criminals to buy weapons from dealers with little or no background checks.

Trump, who campaigned on cracking down on gun violence, also vowed to expand background checks for online sales.

But gun control advocates say this will only exacerbate the problem, and will be too little too late.

The gun show loophole has long been the subject of controversy, and it is not the first time the Trump administration has tried to restrict gun purchases, as the New York Times reported in August.

The loophole has been in the spotlight since Trump took office.

In January, Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to conduct a review of the “Gun Show Loophole,” an area where gun sellers are allowed to purchase guns without having to submit to background checks, as part of an effort to curb violence and to save lives.

The policy was in response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

In February, Trump said in a radio interview that he wanted to “close up” the loophole, but his administration has not yet acted on it.

That same month, Trump threatened to “send in the feds” if the loophole wasn’t closed.

“The problem is, it’s the only loophole that’s left,” Trump said.

“You have to close it.”

In March, the administration announced it would be issuing a new rule that would close the loophole and require gun dealers to conduct additional background checks on all gun purchases.

The White House said that the rule would “put a lot of pressure on dealers to get them to do a lot more.”

That policy change was not widely supported, and Trump faced strong criticism for signing it in March.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that it would reissue the rule, though with a new wording.

The order states that “a dealer who sells firearms to a non-dealer or non-qualified person must conduct a background check on the sale of the firearm.”

The administration is also working to repeal the “Guns in Schools” loophole, which requires school districts to require students to have a background checks check on every firearm sale, regardless of where it is made.

It was originally enacted in 2015 and is aimed at reducing gun violence by requiring schools to have background checks before they sell firearms.

But it has been criticized by gun control groups for its lax enforcement, as well as its failure to address the problem of gun trafficking, which has increased in recent years.

Under Trump, the Department of Justice has taken steps to address gun trafficking and violence.

In July, Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, issued an executive action to increase penalties for gun traffickers, which includes a $5,000 fine for the first violation.

But the move has faced criticism for being too little, too late and has also prompted calls for more action.

The Justice Department also has taken a number of other actions aimed at cracking down in the gun market.

In September, it issued an order ordering gun dealers and manufacturers to obtain and submit fingerprints of anyone who makes a purchase through the internet, in addition to issuing an online registry that allows law enforcement to track guns traced back to a buyer.

The new rule, if passed, would only make the process more difficult for gun sellers and dealers.

As the NRA points out, “The gun show loopholes were created to allow criminals to sell guns to anyone in America without background checks or any type of background check at all.

Those who created these loopholes should be held accountable.”

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